epbb is a theatre gym, creative think tank, and social space for new york’s most dynamic talent.

"You buzz the door to [an] address you’ve only been sent that morning. An actor hands you a glass of wine. You get cozy amongst the cushions and spot a television star or two. Ed, the host, welcomes you – and 50-odd others – to his home. This is Exit, Pursued By a Bear, a unique home theater company who present a show, with dinner, over a few entertaining hours."

Underground Eats

"Theater may be an art form as old as humanity itself, but one night with EPBB makes it feel like a fabulous new technology."

- Tony Award winner Jeff Whitty

"People ask about unique models of presenting theatre and engaging the public and I talk about [EPBB]!"

- Teresa Eyring, Executive Director of TCG

"No-one is doing ANYTHING like this. It's so old it's new and it's AUDACIOUS. My jaw was on the floor. It's nothing short of AMAZING!"

- Tony Award winner Billy Porter

"In a very simple way, Iskandar shifted the paradigm. Instead of waiting for a seat to open at New York’s crowded theater table, Iskandar invited artists to his table—literally his dining room table."

- Playwright Gabriel Jason Dean

12,000+ meals served

150 nights of theatre

8 labs

40 Salons


We believe that theatre artists, like athletes and dancers, require this consistency of practice to continue developing their craft and awareness.  Unlike other art forms, ours is a social medium that requires engagement with others to exist.  We are committed to establishing a thriving community around our unique space, which we imagine as a home where artists can gather, and further their social bond through working together and sharing that work with colleagues and collaborators.  - EPBB