mounted as the first project as a part of Ed Iskandar's appointment as Artist-in-Residence at SRT.

"Gaurav Kripalani (SRT's Artistic Director) and I had been looking for an opportunity to start a Singapore - New York bridge for some time, and we decided that "Venus in Fur" would make an ideal pilot project. We rehearsed in New York for a hectic two week period while Anson was teaching and in pre-production on the new season of his television show "Hell on Wheels" and Steffi was finishing her run on Broadway as Mary Poppins and then flew the team down here for tech. Running through the play whilst jet lagged was an interesting experience! Ultimately, beyond the notoriety of the play, it's one of the best two-handers you can find out there: great language, startling comedy, and a series of surprise endings with a new twist on the battle of the sexes, all within an 80 minute package are not easy qualities to find. I find the play an astonishing challenge for two actors to really go to the mat with each other, and I loved the directorial challenge of keeping things interesting within a one room - two character setting (a challenge that I believe we've met successfully!). But really I'd work on any play that would let me (un)clothe Mr. Mount and Ms. Leigh - their physiques are works of art."  - Ed in an interview in Just Watch Lah

"The play, directed by Indonesian Ed Sylvanus Iskandar who is based in the Big Apple, takes all stereotypes of men and women with their respective gender roles and throws them out the window."

The Urban Wire

" [A] pitch-perfect production"

- Inkpot Reviews

"a spellbinding, awe-inspiring production that keeps you glued to your seats..."

- The Urban Wire

"In a play where the balance of power ricochets back and forth with such dizzying intensity, Iskandar does a great job of modulating the pace and keeping the sparks flying between the characters. He is also alive to the abundant comedy in Ives's writing" 

- Inkpot Reviews

"[T]his version of Venus In Fur is still sexy, compelling and heavy with ideas, an important play to bring to Singapore or anywhere else."

- Straits Times