By Amy Freed


Directed by Ed Iskandar


Drama Desk Nomination - Outstanding Direction

Director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar creates a modern-day Restoration experience. The play begins with a baroque musicale while guests sip on unique holiday cocktails created by Macao Trading Company. Intermission features a variety show with hors d’oeuvres, also from our friends at Macao. To end the evening guests are able to join in a post show dance party and enjoy more libations to aid in the merrymaking. This Flea experience is all play and all party.


"I walked out of the theater tonight with my energy for theater-going restored."

-The Huffington Post


The New York Times

"Upon entering . . . I was immediately handed a cocktail as several very attractive actors clad in elaborate wigs . . . began flirting with me . . . The actors mingled . . . for the next several minutes as the audience took their seats. Eventually a pair of cartoonish hosts . . . announced that the show was about to commence." - Theatermania

"bawdy, thoughtful, and downright fun..."

- TheaterMania

"The audience's reaction to certain moments was proof that, no matter how much we laughed, we also cared about these characters. The large cast appears as a unified whole in a way that makes working with a large cast look easy (it's not -- so that's quite a feat)."

- Huffington Post

"How do you hold an audience of the young and hip captive... laughing, wolf-whistling and hooting with delight ...? Instead of a banal intermission, try a 45-minute variety entr'acte with flirtatious wenches passing around trays of dumplings while a coquettish girl group covers En Vogue and Mariah Carey."

- The New York Times

"Director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar has created a party-like atmosphere throughout the play. The drinks keep flowing (unlimited cocktails with your ticket purchase!) and hors d'oeuvres are served during an extended intermission that very quickly turns into a cool Bushwick party, but with better clothes."

- TheaterMania

The restoration theater was famous for being the social capital of the world. It was their bar, it was their hangout place. And an event designed for this is a true modern reflection of that experience.

The Elizabethans. The Greeks. There was a time when theater was a place to see and be seen and reconnect with people. If theater is to assume once more an actual vital role in society, it was to be a place where society goes.

- Ed Sylvanus Iskandar, Wall Street Journal

"Restoration Comedy is a commitment. Much like eternal matrimony to your soul mate however, that commitment is worth it."

- TheaterMania

"The most original and energetic theatrical experience I've had this season..."

- Exeunt

"One leaves the show having not just been entertained, but feeling as though they had just made a bunch of new friends."

- New York Press

Photos by Aaron Zebrock and Hunter Canning