By Roland Schimmelpfennig

Directed by Ed Iskandar


Drama Desk Special Award Winner

“For those trying to keep abreast of the more exciting playwriting voices beyond the United States and Britain, The Play Company has become an invaluable resource. The acclaimed German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig, little seen on these shores, presents a dark comedy about all hell breaking loose in a pan-Asian restaurant. With the rising director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar (“These Seven Sicknesses”) at the helm, the production shouldn’t be hurting for ambition.” - The New York Times


"The actors — Noah Galvin, Peter Kim, K. K. Moggie, Stephen Duff Webber and Welker White — are all energetic and engaging, nimbly moving between genders, nationalities and species as needed. And the direction, by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar, keeps the pace racing on Mimi Lien’s exquisite set: a gleaming white shoe box raised above the stage floor, trimmed with a strip of glowing, neonlike tubing that changes colors." 

- The New York Times

"The play is preceded by a 'sound walk,' for which audience members are invited to take an introductory walk around the neighborhood with provided MP3 players.

'Here in New York we walk into a take-out restaurant and we don't even think about interacting with the people there,' said director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar, who is also the founder of theater company Exit Pursued by a Bear. 'So many of these interactions are transactional, and the idea that we should be looking under the surface of these lives is the first domino that falls. In every relationship depicted in the play, there's a colonizer and a colonized. Our human ecology is dependent on those power systems as a structure, and in the same way that an ecology would destruct if bees went extinct, these people can be viewed as the bees.'"

- China Daily

Photo by Carol Rosegg

"The Golden Dragon is interesting and amazing. The acting is superb and the set is also smartly arranged." 

- Asian in NY

"Director Ed Iskandar and his team fling everything they’ve got at us...The dish may be bitter, but it's perfectly prepared."

- TimeOut NY